You are not from here, but you neeeeeed our hot sauce!

For visitors and tourists

Just passing thru Dalmatia or visiting our page from other country, here you will find all information that may interest you. 

We are small hot pepper sauce producer. All of our hot sauces are 100% organically and hand made. Our moto is quality, not quantity. That’s why you wont find us in every shop or every restaurant. Below you can find map showing all locations where you can buy or eat our products. It’s not much, but it does serve it purpose.

You are still in Dalmatia!

So you are in neighborhood and you need to buy some of that sweet sweet hot sauce before you take your ass home. Follow this instructions for easy purchase.

  • Buy in store : There are few stores in Split, Trogir, Omiš and Šibenik that sell our stuff. Look at the map below.
  • Buy from us : Our hot-sauce production line is in Kaštel Stari. You are free to come by at almost any time. (we usually sleep during the night).
  • Try it in restaurant : There are few restaurants in Split, Kaštel Star, Omiš and Trogir that offer most of our products. Look at the map below

You went home?

You were in Croatia and forgot to buy our hot-sauces? We can offer you shipping in all EU.

First step is to contact us via email, Facebook or contact form on this page. We will then offer you custom price for shipping based on quantity you want to order.

During the corona pandemic, shipping in other EU countries brought a lot of problems to shipping companies. In conclusion, we and our customer had a few bad experiences and reclamations. We may decline some orders, depending on past experiences.

We are on of the pioneers in hot sauce production in Croatia. First hot-sauce ever was cooked in 2010. Primarily it was for personal use and for friends. By 2013 we expanded to few restaurants and shops in Dalmatia.

In 2019 we have opened new kitchen and small store for visitors at our fields.

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